Enrique Moreno

Village mother

This photo was taken near Chiang Mai – Thailand. I took a one day tour to see the long neck ladies. I was lucky that I spotted a young lady feeding her baby. I started taking pictures from a distance, then I remembered that breast feeding isn’t taboo in South East Asia. I decided to approach and ask for her permission and she was happy to accept. From her face you can immediately tell that she is a proud mother of a beautiful baby.


Marina bay sands is the most iconic place in Singapore. This building is a hotel that have one of the most popular infinity pools on the very top, and you can enjoy of an amazing view of the city while relaxing on the pool and having drinks.

Go Seahawks, Go Seattle!

I lived in Seattle for nearly 10 years and always while driving the I-5 highway I could see a big building that looks like a big castle. Some people told me that it used to be a mental health hospital, others said that it used to be Amazon’s headquarters. It turns out true for both stories. After 10 years of living in Seattle I decided to find my way to the building and to my surprise I found one of the most beautiful sights in Seattle.

The barber of Varanasi

Sunrise at the lake

This picture was taken next to the Lake crescent in the Olympic peninsula (WA state). I went to Seattle in a business trip and decided to spend one of the nights near port Angeles to try to shoot the stars. Unfortunately the moon was very bright and the day was a little cloudy, but around 4AM I finally got a picture that I liked. https://enriquemorenodaniel.wordpress.com/

Holong bay Vietnam

Suspension bridge on a dry and empty river

Monterrey, NL, Mexico. My hometown. Heavily criticized for building a suspension bridge on top of a river that has been dry for centuries. I like to tell the foreigners my own story for this bridge. Some time ago this river used to be very popular. We used to go fishing and swimming and canoein’ in it. One November, this flock of ducks came in … and landed on the river. And then the temperature dropped so fast that the river just froze right there. And the ducks … they flew off, and they took the river right with them. Now they say the river is somewhere over in Georgia. https://enriquemorenodaniel.wordpress.com

living under the stars

Ganga Varanasi

Sun moon lake Taiwan

The view of the sunrise in Sun Moon Lake was astonishing. This was my last sunrise of the year 2014 before moving to Taipei to see the fireworks in Taipei 101. https://enriquemorenodaniel.wordpress.com/

Let's go!

Let me fall

Taiwanese fisherwoman

Kenting national park is the south-est place in Taiwan. I rented an scooter and drove around the coast where you can spot many people fishing. Many of them will sell their catch to the local restaurants where you can eat fresh fish https://enriquemorenodaniel.wordpress.com